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12 July 2021

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Is there a correct way to drink mezcal?

Even though there’s a sort of schism within mezcal experts, the reality is there’s only one way in which you should let the spirits of agave come into your soul’s threshold. 


Mezcal has to be drunk neat! 


Why? Because mezcal is not something to be taken as a game. We’re not talking about a drink that is made for you to have fun at a nightclub, but a crystal clear liquid. When you drink mezcal you’re drinking the spirit of the agave. This is why loads of “Maestro Mezcaleros” (knowledgeable people in the matters of mezcal), say that when one drinks mezcal, one ought to do it with the greatest of the respects.


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Then how?



Forget about orange slices and worm salt. 

Those “extra ingredients” are made for secular mezcal drinking and, trust me, the least thing you want to do is look like an unaware tourist (whether you live in Mexico, you are a tourist or even your nationality is local). 

When you ask for mezcal, and the mezcaleria is good and the mezcal even better, you will get your mezcal neat. Nothing else. 


The way to drink. 


Yes! There’s even a correct way to drink it. It’s not drinking shots! Please don’t waste this precious liquid on a “getting wasted” sort of attitude –if you’re going to do that, make sure you get your mezcal at a supermarket or liquor store, alright? Thanks!–. 

Alright. Drink neat. But first…



Learn to breathe! 


Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly and, exactly when the air is all out of your lungs, take a tiny zip, just enough for your tongue to soak in mezcal. Still hold your breath. Now While holding, soak all of your mouth with the mezcal. Don’t worry about the sting, it’s the small price to pay, ok? Now, pass the little zip through your throat and breathe in and then out again. Feel how the flavour changes, how the herbs, the smoke and the components of the spirit of the agave arise from within you. 

That, right there, is the power of mezcal. Now you and the spirit of agave have become one. 


Use a little bit of…


… water just to rinse your mouth and repeat. With every zip you’ll feel different, as if something beautiful is transforming inside you. 

And, trust us. It IS happening. 

After two or three of these really small glasses you will feel empowered, full of vital energy and, still, if the mezcal you’re drinking is good, you’ll be far… far away from a “drunken” state.


We recommend…


… pairing this spiritual drink with the perfect food. That’s why we make an open invitation: 

If you’re looking for an incredible mezcal experience while visiting the beautiful, colorful and instagrammable Tulum, then come visit Mamazul, where you’ll find a raw mezcal experience while eating at one of the most interesting restaurants in Mexico. 

Mamazul awaits to change your spirit, through one of the most poetic ancient drinks that have ever existed!

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